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Business Visitor Pass Kits - Stock

We've carefully selected everything required to get started and put together these easy to use visitor pass kits. Tried and tested over many years by businesses across the UK enabling visitors to get log in quickly and securely. We have 3 to choose from.

We understand how important building security and staff safety is. These kits enable the accurate recording of visitors and allow the issuing of clear visible identification.

How it Works:
Designed to sit neatly in reception or a gatehouse, on arrival each visitor writes their details on the visitor pass slip.  The details are automatically transferred onto a fire register so the visitor does the work and all staff do is tear the slip out and pop it into a visitor pass holder.  The pass is then worn by the visitor as secure identification.  Before leaving to keep the fire register up to date the visitor must sign out and hand in their pass.


  • Easy to use
  • Projects a professional image
  • Identifies and validates each visitor
  • Generic pass complies with Regulation 3 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Maintains an up to date fire register
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